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Damola Akiogbe releases debut single titled EPHPHATHA.

Damola Akiogbe , Renowned Word, Drama and Music Minister, releases debut single titled EPHPHATHA.

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Let the sound of freedom ring loudly concerning me, saying… Ephphatha!
Let chains be broken and prisons doors be open. Ephphatha!
Let there be no distance between heaven and earth again when it comes to my Purpose, assignments and Gods will and agenda for my life. Ephphatha!

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God, speak to the HeavensLet the Heavens give the earth prophetic instructions concerning me saying… Ephphatha!

As a result of this “sound” that I released on the earth, I pray prophetic Words will no longer be rescheduled and delayed concerning me. No, never again, so I cry with a loud voice saying…Ephphatha! Be Opened! Be Opened!
The song was produced by Yemi Akingboye. Enjoy new new from Damola Akiogbe below
Watch Lyrics Video: https://youtu.be/vaLid1DA53o

ChorusEphphathaI receive AccessMy ways are now clearerAnd the gates are removedAccess to the placeThat is bigger than II’m Released to the NationsTo fulfill Gods purpose (2x)
EphphathaBe opened in Jesus nameEars, hear now freely what God has in mindMy tongue is now loosedI can now speak freelyCos now I have accessI am set to do will
Repeat Chorus
Cities be opened in Jesus name todayI stepped into the kingdomNations hear now my cryMy spirit is now freeTo conceive God’s purposeAnd now I have accessAligned to do His will
Chorus twice
BridgeOh, Nations are calling my name, access to enter inLike a colt that was tiedI am loosed in Jesus nameIt’s my season of graceNot by power not by mightI receive now an access 3xI’m set to do His will
ModulationOh oh Not by power, I say
CHANTAwake, awake, oh my gloryEphphatha!
Awake, Awake, oh ye that sleeps in the spiritfor there is a sound of Revival.
I call for a Revival in your spiritI call for a Revival in your soulI call for a Revival in your mind
I have come in the volumes of the book to fulfill that which was written concerning my DESTINYEphphatha!
I abort every “abortion” concerning my destiny.
I push aside every hindrance to my wayEphphatha!
There is a hidden glory that must be revealed, yes there is.Ephphatha
I am opened to God’s purposeI am opened to Gods WillI am opened to destinyEphphatha!
To every man at the valley of dry bones, wondering; “Can my dry bones live again?” I say “Ephphatha!”
To every woman at the verge of birthing destiny, LEGS and WOMBS are closed against you I cried out in the name of Jesus”Ephphatha!”
To every destiny, every voice, every life that seems lost, misunderstood, mis-managed while trying to fulfill purpose; I shout

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